Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie





Most commonly danced as the Known World Pavan (SCA-invented choreography). First of four dances in the Court Set
Chanson (French) Lyrics (translated by Mary Stewart Evans)
Belle qui tiens ma vie
Captive dans tes yeulx,
Qui m'as l'ame ravie
D'un soubz-ris gracieux,
Viens tost me secourir
Ou me fauldra mourir.
Fair one, who holds my heart
Captive within thine eyes
Whose gracious smiles impart
Secrets of Paradise,
Give me hope to cherish
For without I perish
Pourquoy fuis tu mignarde
Si je suis pres de toy,
Quand tes yeulx je regarde
Je me perds dedans moy
Car tes perfections
Changent mes actions.
Fly not, I entreat thee,
For in thy presence fair
I am lost completely
To myself and care
Thy divine perfection
Claims my whole affection
Tes beautéz & ta grace
Et tes divins propos.
Ont eschauffé la glace
Qui me geloit les os,
Et ont remply mon cœur
D'une amoureuse ardeur.
Such grace of form and face
Kindles a sweet desire,
My icy heart yields place
To a heart all afire
Fanned by ardent yearning
Passionately burning
Mon ame souloit estre
Libre de passions,
Mais amour s'est faict maistre
De mes affections,
Et à mis soubs sa loy
Et mon cœur & ma foy.
I wandered fancy free
Nor glance nor sign I gave
Till love imprisoned me
And I became his slave,
Ready to die for him
Sworn to his slightest whim.
Approche donc ma belle
Approche toy mon bien,
Ne me sois plus rebelle
Puis que mon cœur est tien,
Pour mon mal appaiser,
Donne moy un baiser.
Draw near, O mistress mine,
Come closer to me still.
Since I am wholly thine
Soften thy rebel will,
Mend my heart with the bliss
Of one sweet healing kiss
Je meurs mon Angelette
Je meurs en te baisant,
Ta bouche tant doucette
Va mon bien ravissant
A ce coup mes espritz
Sont tous d'amour espris.
Angel my life's eclipse
In thine embrace I die,
The honey of thy libs
Sweetens my parting sigh,
And my soul soars above
Borne on the wings of love./>
Plustost on verra l'Onde
Contre mont reculer
Et plustost l'œil du monde
Cessera de brusler,
Que l'amour qui m'époinct
Decroisse d'un seul poinct.
Oceans shall surge no more
And heaven's eye wax cold
Full many a moon before
My love for thee grows old,
Or wanes a single jot
If thou forsake me not.


Arrangement by David Yardley
Recording from "The Incomplete Arbeau"